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RainDrop replacing Gutter Screens in Canton, GA

RainDrop replacing Gutter Screens in Canton, GA

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RainDrop replacing Gutter Screens in Canton, GA RainDrop replacing Gutter Screens in Canton, GA

The homeowner contacted Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta to solve their water pooling issue at the base of their home.  Rainwater would cross over the existing screens, missing the gutter and dumping onto the homeowner's deck. RainDrop was the perfect solution to replace the screens, keeping leaves debris out while pulling in the water.

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Gutter Installation & Replacement in the Canton Area

Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta is the go-to company for premium gutter services in the Canton area. We offer the innovative, state-of-the-art Gutter Shutter® all-in-one seamless gutter system. Constructed with high-quality materials, Gutter Shutter is guaranteed never to clog, sag, or pull away from the home — giving you long-term peace of mind! Our gutter products include seamless gutters, gutter guards, gutter downspouts, and extensions.

What reliable gutter services do we offer?

  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Downspout Installation
  • Downspout Extension
  • Gutter Guard Installation

If you are interested in our gutter services, call Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta at 1-888-527-1314 or click below to schedule a free, no-obligation gutter installation estimate in Canton, GA and the surrounding area!

Our Gutter Installation Products

  • Seamless Gutters: One continuous piece, made of aluminum ensuring durability long term protection, designed to repel debris
  • Gutter Guard: Doesn’t clog, keeps debris out, diverts water, and protects from basement flooding and damage to roof, siding, and foundation
  • Gutter Downspouts & Extensions: Prevent water damage and flooding in homes

Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta is committed to providing the best services and products. With Gutter Shutter®, there is no need to worry about common gutter problems, such as clogging, bad downspout draining, and sagging gutters.

Why choose your local Gutter Shutter® company?

  • Premium-grade aluminum: Designed with strong .032 gauge aluminum, Gutter Shutter won't bend or sag under pressure.
  • Low-maintenance: Never climb on that ladder again to clear out gutters because Gutter Shutter's high-back design eliminates clogs!
  • Exclusive high-back trough: Gutter Shutter's high-back design prevents water from getting behind your gutters and causing damage to fascia, soffits, shingles, and more.
  • Improved curb appeal: Available in a vast array of colors, the Gutter Shutter System can be coordinated to match your home. Plus, it includes a 20-year paint warranty!

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Curious if Gutter Shutter® is the right gutter system for your Canton home? Contact the team at Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a free consultation and gutter installation estimate. Contact us at 1-888-527-1314 or click below to get started.

Job Stories From Canton, GA
Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta added RainDrop to replace Gutter Screens

Rick B. of Canton, GA noticed water overshooting his gutters.  Rick, a self proclaimed DIYer, keeps immaculate care of his home, including his gutters.  He had installed gutter screens to help manage the leaves and keeping his gutter system from clogging.  The issue was the water ran across the top of the screens and over the gutters.  Rick was willing to do anything to collect the water into the gutter system, including adding a deflector across the entire run of gutters.  After some research, Rick called Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta.


Shortly after giving them a call, an appointment was scheduled with a Sales Inspector to evaluate the situation.  Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta inspected the home and gutters, and found debris collecting in the valley and a poorly designed gutter screen.  


Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta recommended RainDrop as the best guard to add over the existing gutter system.  They solved the issue by pulling the water into the gutters, while keeping the leaves out.  The end solution was a clog free gutter system that was working as designed.  Rick B. has been very happy with the performance and outcome of the system.  




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