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Full Gutter Repalcement in Gainesville, GA

A customer in Gainesville, GA. contacted Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta to get a Free Estimate for a new gutter system. The homeowner explained that the current gutters are too small and whenever there is a heavy rain storm, the smaller gutters can't catch the rainwater running off the roof. 


When a gutter is too narrow, rainwater will continue to run and overflow onto an area of the property which may cause pooling and in some cases, damage to parts of the home's landscaping and even allow water to build up and penetrate the foundation. 


Our salesman discusses the advantages of installing a new Gutter Shutter system. These gutters are larger, stronger, and last a lot longer than your run-of-the-mill gutters. Once the homeowner heard about the advantages of using Gutter Shutter, they were very impressed and decided to have these amazing gutters installed. 

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