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Gutter Installation Before & After Photos

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Gutters & Gutter Guard Replacement in Bishop, GA

Jesse C. of Bishop, GA was tired of cleaning his gutters and wanted a high performing, permanent solution.  He called Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta to inspect his issues and create a solution that would last a lifetime.  The Gutter Shutter system keeps leaves and debris out, while pulling water in and channeling it away from the home.  The lifetime no-clog warranty provided Jesse with piece of mind with a maintenance free solution.  Another very satisfied customer!

Installed Gutter Guards in Buford, GA

This homeowner needed to resolve an issue with his current gutter system. Every time it rains, the water pools up in his front lawn, and the standard 5" gutters on the home currently, aren't able to handle the constant run-off and are causing major property and landscaping damage. Upgrading to a larger gutter will help with the existing drainage problems. 


When we were called to come out and look at William's situation, we first noticed the inability of his gutters to control the rain and debris, as well as, the lack of gutter placement. We sat down with William and reviewed all of his options. We discussed the advantages of the Gutter Shutter System and a proper drainage setup. Strategically placing the right drainage and gutter extensions would allow for the rain to be re-directed away from the front yard and save him thousands of future dollars on upkeep and no more gutter cleanings!


In the end, the homeowner went with our Gutter Guard System to solve his ongoing Gutter issues and was very satisfied with the job Gutter Shutter of Atlanta did for him.

Seamless Installation in Cumming, GA

Clogged gutters in Cumming, GA replaced with seamless Gutter Shutter system. Outstanding transformation and leaf protection to correctly manage rainwater from the roof.

Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta Installation in Cumming GA

Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta completed this home improvement project in Cumming, GA.  Ms. Adrienne contacted Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta to revive her home gutters.  The gutters were not containing the rainwater because the existing gutters were too small and sagging in areas.  The solution captures all the roof water and is guaranteed to never clog, sag or pull away.  Delivering the best quality and value available for your home!

Custom Gutter Downspout in Cumming, GA

The customer reached out to Gutter Shutter of Greater Atlanta to solve an issue they were having on the deck level. The way their current gutter is installed and with the way the house is designed, they needed a special downspout created to solve their water draining issues. 


The first photo will show how the underdeck lacks proper drainage. We made 2 custom downspouts for the customer. Now the water is draining away from the deck and the foundation.  

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